Paint and Varnish Remover

Easy to Use
Won’t etch metal or glass

Wood, Metal, Wrought Iron, Masonry, and Concrete

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A paint remover that clings to vertical surfaces

Removes multiple coats of paint, varnish and primer

Water wash

     Stains, Varnish, Primers, Shellacs, Milk Paint, Any Paints,
     Polyurethanes, Paint on Brick, Grease and Oil, Lead Base Paint,
     Paint in Wood Grain, Fiberglass Doors etc… 

Congratulations, you have just found, possibly, the best stripper in the United States. To be completely amazed at this product you MUST follow the instructions below or you can view our 5 minute demonstration video.

Holding the sprayer ONE INCH FROM THE SURFACE to be stripped is the KEY! Keep the paint, varnish or undercoating wet with Lightning Strip® Wood until it penetrates all layers. This will save you man hours and make the job simple. Lightning can be used on brick, concrete, metal, original factory fiberglass or your finest antique furniture.

We challenge you to find a paint or varnish we can’t strip, provided you follow the instructions.

BRUSH-ON: Brush-on removers have been on the market for quite some time. Some work and some don’t. However, brush-on removers require much more effort and product than spray-on’s. Application of a second coat of a brush-on remover becomes even more difficult and frustrating because the loosened finish is moved around by the brush, therefore resulting in an uneven coating.
Our spray-on removers maintain a “fine arts cutting edge”. With our spray-on, you will use much less remover than you would with a brush-on. Its consistency allows it to be sprayed; thereby making the application easier. At the same time, it gives you a thick, even coating that clings to the sides of the item being stripped.

Recoating is easy. Just spray over the previous coat. This gives a nice, built-up coating that penetrates well. Then the special agent in our product allows for our remover to be washed off super easy.

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