& Copper, Brass & Bronze Cleaner

About Lightning Strip® Rust Remover:

  • It is a very effective rust remover that will remove light to very heavy rust. It can be used as a spray on or a dip. It is reusable, so a little will go a long way. It even treats the metal with phosphate to prevent further rusting.

  • REMOVES rust! It is not a rust converter. The rust is dissolved, NOT covered up.

  • Contains no hydrochloric acid. It will not crystallize the metal.

  • Simply apply to the rusted surface, keeping it wet. A saturated old sheet or towel may help to keep the metal wet. If it is only surface rust, it may take 5 minutes or less. If it is heavy pitted rust, be prepared to continue wetting down the piece until all rust is gone; it could take 1 hour or more. Do not allow the piece to dry with the rust remover on it. As soon as all rust is gone, wash with water and towel dry.

  • If used as a dip, it is reusable. Keep the new and the reused rust remover separated.

  • It comes highly recommended for Pinball restoration.

Use as a copper, brass & bronze cleaner:

  • Spray the piece evenly with the rust remover. Let set 2-3 minutes, then spray #0000 steel wool with rust remover and gently remove oxidation. Rinse piece with clean water and towel dry. For a high shine, use a metal polish.

May cause etching to:
Cement, concrete, black top drives, glass, porcelain, marble, polished surfaces and aluminum. Avoid contact with painted surfaces.

Manufactured by:

Real Products Mfg., Ltd.
3480 State Route 15
Ney, OH 43549
1-800-659-2459 Fax: 419-658-2334
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