Q. Does this product burn your hands or skin?
A. We definitely recommend you wear gloves.

Q. Can you strip veneer with this product?
A. Yes! It will not damage veneer glues. It contains no acid, lye or caustic which normally damage veneers. Water can damage veneer, for the final clean up you can use denatured alcohol instead of water to prevent the veneer from lifting.

Q. How much will one (1) gallon strip?
A. Approximately 120-155 square feet, depending on the type of coating and thickness of coating you are stripping.

Q. Will the stripper freeze?
A. No, it will not freeze. However, when working with the stripper, it performs best in temperatures between 45 & 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. Do I have to mix anything?
A. No, this product is highly concentrated, but you will use it straight from the can.

Q. Will this product hurt the wood in anyway?
A. No, it leaves the wood very smooth. All you need is a delicate sanding before you refinish. This product does not contain any acid, caustic, or lye, chemicals which damage wood. This product is also non-flammable and does not contain acetone, toluene or benzene….all of which are generally used in other removers.

Q. Will this product work on metal?
A. We have a metal remover that is specially formulated for the paints most commonly found on metals and is widely used in the automotive industry. It can even be used on factory fiberglass cars. It would be better suited for use on metal.

Q. Will this stripper take off any kind of paint or varnish?
A. We do not know of any it will not remove. Some types take longer than others, but we insist the remover do its job for you. LIGHTNING STRIP® is guaranteed to remove any paint or varnish when you follow the instructions.

Q. Isn’t it better to wash with alcohol rather than water?
A. No! Water will not damage the wood if you don’t overuse it. All you need is enough to wash off the stripper. Just dampen some steel wool or *Scotch-Brite™ pad with water and wash with the grain. The wood doesn’t even get that wet. Alcohol doesn’t clean any better than water and is very flammable. This product is 100% neutralized with water, so there is no need for any chemical after wash. If you are stripping a piece with veneer, you may want to use denatured alcohol instead of water to prevent the veneer from lifting.

Q. How much will one (1) quart strip?
A. Approximately 30-45 square feet, depending on the surface coating. This product will go twice as far as a brush-on remover, and is non-aerosol. It comes with a special sprayer which is compatible with the product and has been hand tested at the factory. Most household sprayers will not work.

Q. Can this product be used on plastic or rubber?
A. No, it can damage plastic or rubber. When working on an item containing these compositions, tape off the areas with masking tape or heavy plastic tape.

Q. How long does it take to work?
A. Approximately 5-40 minutes, depending on the type and thickness of the finish being stripped. The idea is to let the stripper do the work for you. Never rush it! Never try to strip the project with just one application. Reapply directly over the first spray. Each spray will penetrate 2-3 layers. Never remove loosened finish until stripper is completely down to the wood. Once you balance out the amount of stripper you’ll need for the layers of paint you have, it will stay wet for hours; therefore, you can strip an entire chair or dresser at one time.

Q. Why is this product better?
A. First of all…IT WORKS! In addition, it is one of the easiest to use. Because of the spray, you will use about half as much as a brush-on. Therefore, it is actually more economical. It can remove 10 or more layers of paint or varnish with little effort from you. It is guaranteed to remove any paint or varnish as long as it is used according to the directions.

Q. Do you dilute your product?
A. No. Shake container and pour directly from can into bottle.

Q. Will it remove any kind of paint?
A. Yes! In our research, our technicians have not encountered any type of paint that it will not remove. It has a limited warranty. Following the instructions is very important.

Q. Will it remove primer?
A. Yes, it will remove primers on all cars and other metals. You may have to use a *Scotch Brite™ pad to scrub a little, but it will remove them. General Motors early 80 models and on back always had lacquer on their cars. Our product strips lacquer just as easy as enamel. The coating appears to liquefy instead of bubbling up as it does on enamel. Some paints will take longer than others to strip, but the key is to never rush the stripper. Let it do the work for you. If it appears to dry out, just re-spray to reactivate the previous coats so you do not waste the stripper.

Q. How many coats of paint will it remove?
A. It will penetrate multi-layers of paint if you keep it wet. Do a panel at a time. This seems to work best.

Q. What do I do when it gets to the bare metal?
A. Simply wash it off well with cold water and dry completely. This product is completely neutralized with water. You do not need a chemical wash. With a good cleaning, you will not have any problems with the new coating.

Q. Will this product remove rust?
A. No, it will not remove rust because it has no acids. Acids will also cause rusting and etch the metal and glass. This product does not contain any toluene, acetone, benzene or caustic.

Q. Should I sand before I paint?
A. Yes, you should always sand bare metal, then prime it and sand the primer before you paint.

Q. How much will it take to strip a car?
A. It will take 1 ½ to 3 gallon to strip a medium sized car. This remover will go twice as far as a brush on type because it is a spray-on and it’s much easier to apply. It, therefore, saves time and money.

Q. Can you use this product on plastic or rubber?
A. NO! It may swell such parts out of shape. Such areas should be taped off with masking tape and heavy paper.

Q. Will it remove body filler?
A. Yes, it will soften body fillers that are not of metal composition. They should be replaced. Some people use this product as a body filler remover to avoid all the grinding dust involved. You may have to use more applications than you would for paint, but it will remove body fillers.

Q. Will it hurt chrome?
A. No, as a matter of fact, it will clean chrome. Do not use it on modern plastic “chrome”.

Q. How long does this remover take to work?
A. Approximately 10-30 minutes, depending on the type of paint being removed and the thickness of the coatings. Some paints could take more time.

Q. Can this product be used at any temperature?
A. We recommend temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, remember that metal surface temperatures are sometimes warmer than air temperatures. Stripping in direct sun or windy conditions is not recommended.

Q. What makes this product superior to others on the market?
A. First of all… IT WORKS! In addition, LIGHTNING STRIP METAL® is better than other products because it strips twice as much as most other products available. It is actually less expensive. It is a spray-on, so it is faster and easier to coat a project which means less mess. It stays wet for a long time, but if you leave it on too long and it dries, all you have to do is re-spray with another thin coat and it reactivates. Also, it doesn’t have the strong, offensive odor common to most paint removers.

*Chore Boy™ and Scotch Brite™ Pads are name brand scratch pads.

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