One thing to remember is that even the smoothest appearing concrete is porous.

Normally, most paints will lift off the concrete easily unless it is latex which turns to a liquid with remover application. Regardless, after stripping and removing paint from any concrete, it will have a hazy look to it from the paint film in the pores.

SOLUTION TO THE ABOVE PROBLEM: Following your final washing of the stripper, mix six or more cups of Trisodium Phosphate (Heavy Duty Detergent sold in hardware stores) in a five (5) gallon bucket of hot water. Stir until mixed. Use a stiff brush and proceed to clean with this solution. Rinse with hot water if possible. (If the concrete is extremely porous or rough, you may need to repeat the Trisodium Phosphate method more than once.

** Household soap powders may be used, but
they will not clean quite as well.


This will be much the same as stripping concrete in that brick and concrete are both porous. However, brick and rock are even more so. We, therefore, recommend the following:
●   Start at the top by applying a heavy coat of remover and work your way to the bottom.
●   If brick contains multiple layers of paint, spray on a heavy coat of remover and let sit 10 minutes. Re-spray at this time and wait 10 minutes. Check to see if paint is loose. (If you are stripping the outside brick on a house, work on the shaded side. Do not try to strip the side in direct sunlight!)
●   After removal of the paint, you will probably have a film left on the brick or rock. Use the same cleaning technique (Trisodium Phosphate) for removal of film as shown above for concrete.
●   Use the above technique on limestone, sandstone and rock walled houses.

Note: The above stripping jobs are where a garden sprayer comes in handy. It leaves you very portable without having to stop for refills as often. However, be sure the equipment contains a chemical-resistant hose and a brass sprayer wand. Clean sprayer thoroughly with water after each use.

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